About TravelOPhoto

India is often referred to as a place with unity in diversity. The Land has diverse landscapes cultures, ethnicities and architecture indifferent regions of country. Sometimes it’s very difficult to choose any particular place to visit because it has so many options. We are a group of people in every step to explore the beauty of nature and be a constant companion. Not-only experience but also keen interest in this incredible India is the main back bone of our website.

India boasts a rare variety of landscapes. People from India and around the globe, having an urge to visit and explore numerous places across the country and capture memories through their lenses. Our intention is to gather and showcase photographs of different awesome places under one roof. Along with photographs we are trying to provide very useful and important details about the places in short. This could be good quick and simple travel guide for all.

We request and encourage all the travelers who never forget to carry a camera and capture photographs of landscape, nature or anything about a place, contribute their photos to us. May be you are not a professional photographer; you do not need to be a so-called photographer even neither we are. But still we like to share awesome landscapes, beauty of nature with everyone we have experienced and explored.

We have a strong desire to explore our country, especially the unexplored places through our expedition. For example, We Indians are very fond of Darjeeling but many unexplored or off beat places are there in and around of Darjeeling. Our destination is to explore those unexplored places around the country along with the common one. So we are starting with some unexplored places of north east India, hope with your support TravelOPhoto could start stretching the boundaries.