Photography Policy

1. Ideally photo should be taken by you; you own the original image file; or you should hold the original photo with EXIF data.

2. There must not be any dispute regarding ownership of the digital content (image file) in future.

3. We are not going to sell your photo to anywhere.

4. We do not take any liability of your photo, like intellectual property right etc.

5. Editing of original photo to make it more appealing and beautiful is very much appreciated.

6. If required we hold the permission of editing your photo, for make it more appealing etc.

7. We have the authority to choose photos shared by you.

8. We will do communication for photo sharing, information sharing etc. with users/contributors through our official mail only.

9. Your photo will be entitled with your name and designation, so you and your photo can be identified and recognized uniquely by all.

10. Image file format .jpg/.jpeg is only accepted, you must keep original .jpg or .raw with you for ownership validation.

11. You can sell your photo in future which you have showcased with us; we never mind if you do so. We will be happy that you could use our platforms to showcase your photography skill.

12. Basic guidelines of photo we consider showcasing are like

  • It should preferably contain landscape, nature, establishment having historic values, cultures etc.
  • Photograph should not be like some tourist giving pose and the actual landscape/subject is less visible
  • Portrait of local people or any local inhabitants are appreciated
  • Photograph should showcase places and whereabouts nicely not the tourist or group of tourist itself.