Kalpa a small hilly town in Sutlej river valley of Himachal Pradesh. The place is located in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh above Recong Peo. This small mountain town offers magnificent views of Kinnaur-Kailash, affluent natural scenic beauty, ample apple orchards, apricot, Wall-nut, Cedar trees, pleasant to chilly even snowy weather, Pine trees and greenery with magnificent views, nice nearby mountain villages like Roghi, Kothi, Chaini is around the town. The Himacal village is inhabited by Kinnauri people and famous for its apple orchards.
How to reach:
Kalpa is around 225KM from Shimla by road following the National Highway No.22 and old Indo-Tibet road, 95KM from Rampur of Kinnaur. To reach Shimla refer our Shimla photo story.
Near by Places to Stay/Visit:
Shimla, Sarahan, Chitkul, Rakcham, Sangla, Recong Peo
Things to Enjoy:
Magnificant view of Kinnaur Kailash snow-capped ranges, Nice small mountain town of Kinnaur, Kothi has a temple dedicated to the goddess Chanadika Devi, Green Hills around, a bird’s eye view of stretched Himachal mountains.
Nature Walk, worship in Temple, explore nearby village and local people’s life style etc.
Moderate range of accommodations available, limited quantity hotels available.
Moderately available, as away from city area of Himachal Predesh.
Food and Beverage:
Moderate variety of food and drink available.
9711 feet around.
India -> Himachal Pradesh -> Shimla -> Rampur -> Recong Peo -> Kalpa
Summer 3ºC to 24ºC, winter -7ºC to 8ºC.
Best time to go:
April end to November can be visited, better to avoid July, August due to rainy season and landslide. Road remains closed due to snow in December to March, need to check before going.

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